Platters and Party Trays are priced to serve 40-50. We recommend a minimum of 1 order per 50 guests. Overall quantities depend on the size and style of your event.

Minimum order, delivery, and service fee will apply

[ Fruits and Cheeses ]

Fresh Fruit Display (*v, gf) Seasonal fruits and berries, artfully presented $70

Fruit Skewers (*v, gf) Colorful display of skewered fruit $90

Artisan Cheese Board (v, gf)  Wedges of specialty cheeses, with flatbread and crackers $80

Fig in Baked Brie (v)  Large wheel of brie baked in puff pastry, with fig preserves, grapes, flat breads & crackers $70- new

Cheese and Crackers (v, gf)  Cubed cheddar, Swiss, pepper jack, dill Havarti, or Gouda $60

Chevre Roulade (v, gf) Goat cheese with fresh tomatoes and basil, balsamic reduction, with crackers and flatbreads $50


[ Dips & Spreads ]

Crab Dip with mild green chiles and cheddar jack cheese, crispy house-made corn chips $95- new

Feta cheese Dip (v) with house made pita crisps $60

Hummus and Pita (*v, gf) Traditional garlic, lemon, tahini, chick peas and olive oil, house made crisps $55

Warm Bacon Cheese Spread (gf) with kettle chips $65- new

Spinach and Artichoke Dip (v, gf) Served warm with house made pita crisps $80

Kale Ranch Dip (v, gf) Creamy & chilled, with pumpernickel and veggies $65

Smoked Whitefish or Salmon Pate (v, gf)  Cream cheese, capers, and lemon with crackers $85

Gluten-free crackers available upon request


[ Apps with Snap ]

Asparagus Spears (*v, gf) Grilled, with truffle beet vinaigrette and smoked sea salt $60

Vegetable Crudités (*v, gf) Fresh seasonal vegetables with our signature Green Goddess dip $60

Pickles & Things (*v, gf) Mixed olives, mini gherkins, pickled cauliflower & asparagus, peppadew peppers $65



House Ranch (v, gf)
Green Goddess dip (v, gf)
Hummus (*v, gf)
Spicy Feta (v, gf) 


[ Platters ]

Antipasto(gf) Italian meats and cheeses, roasted vegetables, olives and peppers $95 (Without meat- $80)

Charcuterie (df, gf)  Chef’s special selection of cured meats, Smokehaüs bleu cheese, honey mustard, candied walnuts, sweet pickles, pickled red onion and pumpernikel $90- new

Chipotle Shrimp Platter (gf, df) Broiled shrimp in adobo, chilled and served on a platter, cilantro cream sauce on the side (5 lbs of shrimp) $185

Mezze Platter (v, gf) Hummus, baba ghanoush, vegetarian grape leaves, falafel, feta, pickled turnips, olives, za’atar pita crisps $160

Smoked Salmon Platter (df, gf) with capers, red onion, chopped egg, tomato, dill ranch and crackers $135

Slow Roasted Beef Platter (df. gf) Chilled and sliced end-cut tenderloin with rolls horseradish cream $160

Beef Tenderloin Platter (df, gf) Chilled and sliced grilled beef tenderloin with rolls, horseradish cream $240

Pork Tenderloin Platter (df,gf) Chilled and sliced roasted pork tenderloin, rolls, Traverse City cherry mustard, $125


Beef and Pork platters come with one choice of dip.  Additional dips/sides are $15

Sauces for beef platters:  Horseradish Cream, Chimichurri, Onion Straws

Sauces for pork platters:  Traverse City Cherry Mustard, Mojo Picon, Dijon Tarragon, Raspberry Mustard


[ Stations ]

Let Morton’s help you design a strolling hors d’oeuvres event.  Below are some fun choices that are sure to make your party unique!

Bars & Stations available in quantities of 50

Mashed Potato Bar Mashed Yukon gold potatoes with toppings; cheddar, gorgonzola, bacon, crispy onion straws, and gravy $200 

Mac n’ Cheese Bar Johnny’s signature mac n’ cheese with toppings; andouille, bacon, pesto, parmesan, buttery bread crumbs, cracked pepper, and hot sauce $300

Bang Bang Taco Station Build your own taco with Bang Bang shrimp in petite flour tortilla shells. Toppings include cabbage slaw, bang bang sauce, pico de gallo, queso fresco, cilantro, fresh lime $365

Add chicken $35
Add steak $75

Carving Station  Choose from Beef Tenderloin, Pork Tenderloin, or New Zealand Lamb Chops, hand carved, with sauces and rolls on the side.  Prices vary.